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Zooming with Buddhists

... until things improve

Welcome to West Wales Buddhist Group

For the time being, all our events are running on Zoom. 

Check out our online events below and click on the Zoom link on any event to join in. When conditions allow, we will resume in-person events in the Quaker Meeting House, Penparcau, Aberystwyth.

If you're not sure if the events would be right for you, please email us at westwalesbuddhistgroup@gmail.com


Monday Night Sangha

Online Every Monday 7.00 - 9.00pm. For regulars.

Theme continuing until July: Transforming Self and World.

The path of meditation and Buddhism is about change: how we can change for the good, and how we can also change the world for the good. Practically, how do we do this, and how do we avoid the pitfalls? Come along and find out.

We'll be looking at the Six Pāramitās of the Bodhisattva Path: Generosity/Dāna, Ethics/Śīla, Patience/Kṣānti, Energy/Vīrya, Meditation/Dhyāna and Wisdom/Prajñā.

Sessions will run every week, but the main input will be fortnightly, with the following week recapping on the main teaching and giving more space for practice and exploration of that area.

17th May   Meditation and the Path of Transformation: Dhyāna (Jinapalita)

24th May   ...theme continues (Akasaraja)

31st May   Seeing Clearly: Wisdom/Prajñā (Maitrisiddhi)

 7th June   ...theme continues (Maitridevi)
and continuing every Monday into July.

The last 30 minutes is always meditation, with the option to leave at 8.30.

Please try to arrive ten minutes early and wait to be admitted.


Saturday Sangha Mornings

Monthly Saturdays.10.30am - 1.00pm. For regulars.

What did the Buddha say about...

15th May: ...where we look for what is trustworthy in our lives; what is reliable? What lets us down, and what doesn’t? What the Buddha said about ‘refuge’ – looking for what is truly to be relied upon. Maitrisiddhi.

Please try to arrive ten minutes early and wait to be admitted.


Morning Meditation

7.55 - 8.30. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  For regulars.

Half an hour of silent meditation

This session is not guided, and there is no suggested donation.

We just come together to meditate.

There are guided meditations on the audio page if you would like to listen to one of those in this session.

Please try to arrive at 7.55 and wait to be admitted.

A Taste of Freedom

Thursday 20th May 7.30 – 9.00pm

An online course for young people run by Shrewsbury Buddhist Centre

A short course for young people between 18-30 years old, introducing Buddhist meditation and teachings. This will be a Zoom course over 4 Thursday evenings, from Thursday 20th May to Thursday 10th June.

We'll finish with a morning in the Shrewsbury Buddhist Centre in person on Saturday 26th June 10 am-1 pm. 

The course will run on a donation basis. There will be an opportunity to give once the course is underway. We don't want anyone to be unable to come because of finances.
Any questions, or to book, please contact Abhayanara@gmail.com


Desire, Imagination and the Heart's Release

Saturday 12th June 10.30am – 12.30pm. For Regulars.

A special event with Shraddhadipa

Exploring the importance of imagination in realising what we really love. Please bring something that you find inspiring; an image, object, poem, prose, music and a small (or large) bowl.


Seated Like a Great Tree

Saturday 24th July 10.15am – 4.30pm

Outdoor meet-up in Lesley’s Woods in Bronant.

Become present to the preciousness of this moment.  Open up to our natural interconnectedness. With formal and informal meditation and experiential exercises, we’ll explore mindfulness and metta (love or kindness) in a woodland setting. We are simply part of this living world of trees, plants and creatures: spend a day becoming more and more present to this.

Places will be limited – if you’d like to come, book by sending an email to westwalesbuddhistgroup@gmail.com with ‘Tree’ in the subject line.


Newydd! - Myfyrdod yn y Gymraeg

Bob pythefnos ar nos Fawrth am 7:15 o’r gloch

Noswaith gyntaf: 23 ain o Fawrth 2021

Dyma gyfle unigryw i ddysgu ac i ymarfer myfyrio (meditation) Bwdaidd trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg. Mae croeso cynnes i bawb, boed eich bod heb fyfyrio o’r blaen neu eich bod wedi ymarfer ers rhai blynyddoedd ond erioed wedi cael y siawns i gael arweiniad yn y Gymraeg. 

Bydd yna gyfle i gwrdd gyda’ch cyd ymarferwyr, i ofyn cwestiynau, ac i glywed sgyrsiau byr am y syniadau a’r gwerthoedd sy’n rhan annatod o fyfyrio Bwdaidd: Er enghraifft datblygu ymwybyddiaeth gwell o’n teimladau, o garedigrwydd ehangach a heddwch mewnol.


Mae’r cyfle yma yn cael ei ddarparu gan aelodau o Gymuned Bwdaidd Triratna, sydd yn cynnal canolfannau a grwpiau yng Nghaerdydd, Llangollen ac Aberystwyth.


'Morning Meditation' and 'Desire, Imagination...' drawings © Ruth Koffer 2020. All rights reserved. https://ruthkoffer.com/