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Croeso!  ​We’re a thriving, friendly community of practising Buddhists, centred around Aberystywth and drawing people from across West and Mid Wales.
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Monday Night Sangha

Every Monday 7.00 - 9.00pm.

New theme starting in March: Transforming Self and World. 

The path of meditation and Buddhism is about change: how we can change for the good, and how we can change the world for the good. Practically, how do we do this, and how do we avoid the pitfalls? Come along and find out.

Morning Silent Meditation

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 7.55 - 8.30am.

Meditating together in silence. Open to all.

There are guided meditations on our audio page which you can listen to if you prefer a led sit. There is no suggested donation for this session.

Saturday Sangha Mornings

Saturday 20th March 10.30am - 1.00pm. Open to All.

What did the Buddha say about...

...Obstacles? In the ancient stories, Mara is the embodiment of everything that holds us back. How do we relate to voices in ourselves that hold us back? Let’s explore the area with discussion, meditation and puja. (Maitrisiddhi)

Simply Being

Saturday 27th March. 10.30am - 12.30pm. For Regulars.

Led by Tejananda

At any moment we can recognise, directly and viscerally, that we are alive and awake. With a settled and embodied awareness, this may open into an intuitive glimpse of what we truly are, beyond concepts.

'Morning Meditation' drawing © Ruth Koffer 2020. All rights reserved. https://ruthkoffer.com/

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