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Boundless Heart, Limitless Mind

Monthly Saturdays. 10.30 - 1.00pm. Open to All.

Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House. 


With Maitrisiddhi.

June 25th, and more dates tba.

How do we build a resilient heart-mind? A capacity for compassion for ourselves and others? And how do we meet whatever presents in our lives with both kindness and strength?  

A course exploring how to train our minds in unconditional well-wishing (metta), compassion, gladness and equanimity. In traditional terms: the Brahma Viharas – the limitlessly positive states of mind that are our heart’s natural state.

Suitable for all, with or without meditation experience.

If you're staying for Know Your Mind, bring some lunch. And, if you like, some vegan food to share.

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Know Your Mind

Monthly Saturdays. 2.15 - 5.00pm. For Regulars.

Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House. 


With Maitrisiddhi. 

June 25th, and more dates tba.

“To study the Buddha Way is to study the self. To study the self is to forget the self. To forget the self is to be actualised by myriad things.” Dogen (13th century Japanese teacher).

How can we transform our minds if we aren’t intimately aware of what goes on?  Long before contemporary neuroscience and psychology, the Buddha gained insight into the nature of mind. Using a ‘training manual’ from Early Buddhism – the Abhidharma – we’ll make friends with our minds, and learn, experientially, how to notice what mental states arise and pass. Mind-watching is fascinating – and can help us understand and transform our experience!


Before the Buddha was a Buddha

Fortnightly Mondays. 7.00 – 9.00pm. Open to All.

Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House. Doors open at 6.45pm.

Introducing the Jataka Tales.

Exploring the folk-stories of the Buddha’s previous lives and looking at teachings and practices that can change our lives here and now. 

May 16th Wesak Puja. (Amoghamitra)
May 30th Jataka Tale. (Satyacitta)

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Vision and Transformation

ZOOM Fortnightly Mondays. 7.00 - 9.00pm. For regulars.

The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path

Bringing meditation & Buddhism into our lives is all about creative change and transformation – us, growing organically towards what we can be – changing our way of being in the world – naturally living more and more from our deepest values.  But how?  The Noble Eightfold Path takes us step-by-step through ‘how to change’, weaving together insight, meditation and ethics.

May 23rd   Bringing our work in line with our values: Perfect Livelihood (Akasharaja)

June 6th    Perfect effort: Alert yet relaxed!  (Satyacitta)

June 20th  Becoming naturally absorbed: Perfect Meditation (Prakashadhi)

The last 30 minutes is always meditation, with the option to leave at 8.30.

Please try to arrive ten minutes early and wait to be admitted.

Ruth Koffer

Morning Meditation

ZOOM Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. 7.55 - 8.30. Regulars only.

Half an hour of silent meditation

This session is not guided, and there is no suggested donation.

We just come together to meditate.

There are guided meditations on the audio page if you would like to listen to one of those in this session.

Please try to arrive by 7.55 and wait to be admitted.


Heart of Perfect Wisdom

Taraloka Retreat Centre. 27th to 29th May 2022.

Four Sanghas Retreat

‘Form is only emptiness, emptiness only form’ – The Heart Sutra

How can we ‘cut the bonds that cause (us) suffering’?  The Heart Sutra is a radical and classic wisdom-text which goes to the heart of how to become free, and how to help the world become free. Enigmatic, speaking to our depths, undermining any fundamentalism or limiting views about ourselves, it asks us to dive deep into the nature of experience, looking, for ourselves, to see truly the way things are. How would it be if we really realised that we, and all we see around us, was simply flow, change, potential? 

With Vajrapriya, Maitrisiddhi, Mahamani and others.

Open to all West Wales Buddhist Group regulars, as well as those from Llangollen, Shrewsbury and Chester Sanghas. 

Taraloka is a women's retreat centre, but this event is open to all genders.


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