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Useful Links


A place to find posts relating to the content of recent events: Dharma Space


Vajraloka (where Jinapalita lives) and Taraloka (where Maitrisiddhi lives) both offer a range of retreats and other events.  Explore what’s on offer:  (All genders)  (Women)


Taraloka’s Youtube channel – for talks, led meditations and online retreat sessions.  There’s me (Maitrisiddhi) talking about the Brahma Viharas; there’s Maitridevi offering nature reflections and meditations; there’s Chi Gung; there’s more coming along….


The Buddhist - central Triratna Community website has meditations and talks, plus a daily podcast, as well as signposting lots of other resources. Do take a look at


Free Buddhist Audio

freebuddhistaudio has many, many talks about Buddhism or meditation from Triratna Order Members around the world.  Also some led meditations and meditation bells to download.

Windhorse Publications

Publishers of books on Buddhist thought and practice. Most are written by members of the Triratna Buddhist Order.

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