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Meditate in Aberystwyth

Change Your Mind; Change The World

Boundless Heart, Limitless Mind

Monthly Saturdays 10.30 - 1.00pm. Open to All.

Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House. Suitable for all levels of experience.

27th November, 11th December.

How do we build a resilient heart-mind? Training our mind in positive states.

Please book by sending an email to westwalesbuddhistgroup@gmail.com with ‘Boundless’ and the date in the subject line, or use the Spond app.

Saturday Sangha

Monthly Saturdays 2.15 - 5.00pm. For Regulars.

Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House. With Maitrisiddhi

27th November, 11th December.

NEW SERIES 'Know Your Mind' starting on 27th November.

Watch this space!

No need to book anymore. Just turn up.

The Heart of Buddhism

Fortnightly Mondays 6.45am - 9.00pm. Open to All.

Aberystwyth Quaker Meeting House. 

1st,15th & 29th November, 13th December...

Exploring the heart of Buddhism: the Three Refuges and Five Precepts.

1st November will be a Sevenfold Puja to celebrate Sangha Day.

No need to book anymore. Just turn up.

New Series:  Break the Spell

ZOOM Fortnightly Mondays 7.00 - 9.00pm. For Regulars.

Break the Spell: The Four Mind-Turning Reflections.

25th October, 8th and 22nd November, 6th and 20th December

The Four Mind Turnings are 'preliminary practices' that can release us from our bewitchment with what isn't stable or reliable, and turn us wholeheartedly, and with urgency, towards the magical open space of the Dharma life.

Morning Silent Meditation

ZOOM Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday 7.55 - 8.30am.

Meditating together in silence. For regulars.

A short reading or poem followed by silent meditation together.

There are guided meditations on our audio page which you can listen to if you prefer a led sit.

There is no suggested donation for this session.

'Morning Meditation' drawing © Ruth Koffer 2020. All rights reserved. https://ruthkoffer.com/

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